Abandonment & Decommissioning

The need to effectively manage abandonment and decommissioning projects continues to increase as more wells reach the end of their economic life and regulatory standards become more stringent. Barlon’s abandonment and decommissioning consultants have the experience and knowledge in all applicable regulatory requirements and technical processes to ensure the efficient completion of your shallow, deep, sweet or sour oil and gas project.

In our experience, we have found the most important factor in a successful abandonment project involves coordinating field operations including all services and equipment in order to increase efficiency and reduce project costs. This is why our consultants stay in constant communication with both client and in-house technical teams to ensure cost control measures, well design, regulations, abandonment techniques and equipment bidding approaches meet the needs of our clients.

Getting rid of the potential liabilities including surface casing vent flows, gas migrations, ground water contamination and soil contamination that is potentially associated with these non-productive assets is our goal.

Barlon Engineering can provide:

  • Landowner Notification Letters
  • Regulatory Applications, Waivers, Reporting and Submissions
  • Pre-Abandonment Field Inspections
  • Cost Estimates
  • Detailed Estimate Support including Site Specific & Field Estimates
  • Well Inspection & Site Assessment Report (WISAR)
  • Engineering & Geological Well File Appraisals
  • Oilfield & Wellsite Abandonment
    • Single & Multi-Well Abandonment Programs
  • Pipeline & Facility Decommissioning
  • Assessment & Liability Consulting Services, Including Services Related to:
    • Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO)
    • Site Specific Liability Assessments (SSLA)
    • Liability Management Rating Program (LMR)
    • Licensee Liability Rating Program (LLR)
    • Oilfield Waste Liability Program (OWL)
  • Implementation of Operations Programs
  • Site Remediation
  • Reclamation Certificate