March 30, 2017

(Source Drilling Records)

Mar 28/17 Mar 21/17
PROV Drilling % Drilling Drilling % Drilling
AB 114 25.5 136 30.4
BC 28 42.4 28 42.4
MB 1 10.0 2 13.8
SK 7 6.0 16 13.8
TOTAL 150 23.4 182 28.4

Did you know about Avalanches?

Probably way more now than you used to. And why do you think that is?

Publicity. Not once, not twice, not three times but again and again and again.

So the same goes for the Bulletin and the Rig Count.

Seems we have been a bit negligent in the again and again and again thing. How about never again?

The Barlon Bulletin is back and the rig count is dropping. Of course silly it is breakup.

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