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Contact Address:

Suite 311, 340 12th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L5

Bus: (403) 261-7097

Contact Persons:

Douglas Long, P. Eng
Cell:  403-651-4465

Gabriel Kobel, CET
Senior Vice President
Cell:  403-650-1436

Phil Johnson, P. Eng
Vice President, Engineering
Cell: 403-710-5919

Al Bessel, P. Eng.
Senior Engineer
Cell: 403-669-1621

Jonah Urton, EIT
Operations Engineer
Cell: 587-580-8514

Adam Derry, EIT
Drilling and Completions Engineer.
Cell: 403-963-6418


Drilling management company

  • drilling and completion engineers
  • drilling management
  • drilling & completions
  • oilfield consultants
  • oil field completion management
  • oil field abandonment
  • oilfield engineers
  • petroleum engineers
  • oil and gas project managers
  • project management in oil and gas
  • oil & gas project management
  • oil field management
  • oil field services
  • oil field engineering
  • wellsite supervisors